Fishing By Boat -

Discover fishing in Gazipasa. This is a tour for people who have been fishing as a hobby and passion but even for people who have not tried fishing before but are curious about it. Going fishing is for many people their own little “get away” to stress down, enjoy the surroundings and the calm environment while doing an active thing.

The captain of the boat will show you how everything works, either you have experience in fishing, or you have never tried it before. He will tell you about the different fishes you can catch in this area, he will tell you about the surroundings and he will make sure that you have all the knowledge so you get the best out of the day and that you get back to your hotel with a lot of new experiences.

The day starts from Gazipasa where the fishing boat sails from. The captain will prepare a light breakfast on the boat that you will enjoy while the boat is sailing. Depending on the weather conditions the captain will find the best stop to start the fishing experience. On the way back we will fry the fish that we have caught and have it as an early light lunch. This is of course if we have caught any fish, which we normally do.

The boat sails from Gazipasa Marina at 07.00 O’clock in the morning and is back at the Gazipasa Marina at 11.00 O’clock.

A half day on the sea where you really get a different experience of your stay here in Turkey.

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