Manavgat River & Bazaar -

A day with sightseeing and relaxation. Experience the astonishing green Manavgat River by boat and the impressive Manavgat Waterfall. We will start the day by visiting the big mosque in Manavgat and afterwards we will visit the impressive Manavgat Waterfall that is known for its beauty. The tour will then continue by boat. While sailing down the river we will experience the beautiful surroundings. At one point The Manavgat River meets the ocean which is an impressive natural phenomenon not to be missed. We will make a stop to really see and experience this natural phenomenon and there will be possibilities to swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea or in the cold water from the Manavgat River. We will even enjoy a local lunch on the boat while seeing the river and the sea meet. Once we are back at the harbor, there will be free time to experience and make a good deal in the local bazaar in Manavgat (approximately one hour).

An experience that will show you beautiful surroundings and experience the local life in Turkey.

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