Rafting&Buggy&Tazi Canyon -

Rafting, Buggy and Tazi Canyon visiting is an activity for people who want excitement and fun. Rafting is a famous sport that can be enjoyed by everybody children and adults. This tour takes place on the Köprüçay River that is very famous for river rafting. Köprüçay is a beautiful astonishing area that was under the control of The Ancient Romans that you still can see ruins from. The length of the rafting journey is about 14 km long. It is classified as level 3 medium according to the International River Rafting Standards. The depth of the water in the river is between 1 – 3 meters and the river is 12 meters wide. The temperature of the water is about 12 degrees. Please bring towel, sun cream, bathing clothes and please wear suitable shoes.Zipline will be 2 times 500 meter and 100 meter.

During rafting a photographer will take pictures and videos. You can choose to buy the DVD if you like, so you can show it when you get back home and enjoy it yourself.

Join us for this great experience in these amazing surroundings and get an adrenaline rush out of it. An experience that will last long after the suntan has gone.

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