Where do I meet the driver after I leave the airport?
Our driver will be waiting for you at the passengers exit with DT Transfer sign...
What is Express Shuttle Transfer?
Express Shuttle Transfer is providing transfer services to passengers with the same time in the same vehicle and up to 8 people and only from 3 points. You will never find the 9th passenger in the Express Shuttle Transfer. Express Shuttle Transfer is safe, comfortable and fast, you will arrive at the point of destination as soon as possible without interruptions or stops.
Are your prices inclusive of VAT and are the prices displayed on the screen up-to-date?
Yes, our prices are inclusive of VAT. The prices shown on the screen are up-to-date.
Can I make a reservation at any time of day on your website?
We are working 365 days a year. At any moment you can make reservations from your mobile, tablet and computer. Speedy Shuttle Transfer can be reserved 1 day before the date, if you have a time less than 24 hours, please contact us by +90 242 511 1 777.
How long is the waiting time at the airport?
Waiting Time depends on the service you have bought. If you get a Express Shuttle Transfer (shared speedy transfer), you are the first passenger your maximum waiting time is 45 minutes. If you have taken a private transfer, the agent at the airport will meet you there and you will leave at once.
In which cities are you working?
We are working in Antalya Airport, Hatay Airport, Isparta Airport and Alanya-Gaziapaşa Airport. Even if there is a place where we are not working, we shall find partners that can provide assistance in this context. Our aim is to increase the quality of services we offer. You can be sure that we are ready to take the extra step to provide necessary services.
What kind of services do you provide?
Tell us where and when you want to go, we shall get you there. Our car fleet is very diverse and we have gentle, helpful drivers of each car. We also offer organizational services.
Are your cars clean and conditioned?
Our cars are of new models, clean and conditioned, we always renew our car fleet.
If my plane delays, do you charge extra price?
We check the flight details before our drivers leave the office, so even if your flight is delayed, no extra price will be charged.
What if my flight is canceled?
Please contact us by +90 242 511 1 777 or +90 532 603 00 31 as soon as possible. We will check your flight and if it is canceled, we will not direct the driver to the point. Your transfer order will be HELD for 24 hours, during which you can get transfer without any extra charges.
What if I miss my plane?
Please contact us by +90 242 511 1 777 or +90 532 603 00 31 as soon as possible. We will check your flight and will not direct the driver to the point if you missed your plane. If you do not inform us and the driver is directed to the point within the agreed terms and conditions, “No-Show” fee will be applied. However, if you inform us before the driver is directed to the point, your transfer order will be HELD for 24 hours. During this time you may renew your transfer order without any extra charges.
Do you have a baby seat in your cars?
There will be a baby seat in the car according to your wishes for the transfer you have ordered. Please specify them at the time of reservation.
How should I pay for your services?
You can pay by credit card or make an on-site payment that is, pay directly to the driver. Security code is not required for credit card payments.
Is my transfer insured?
All our cars have compulsory personal accident and liability insurance. Services cannot be provided in absence of permission granted to commercial vehicles by the Ministry of Transport.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel your reservation 12 hours before without any cancellation fee.
Where should I go if I cannot find an agent?
The first thing you should do is to call one of the telephone numbers +90 242 511 1 777 or +90 532 603 00 31 - 24/7. We will help you as soon as possible. All you have to do is tell us your transfer order reference number or your name. Our experienced staff members will help you.
Are you drawing up bills?
After you fill out your billing information, we are drawing up the bill.
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